Quality of university teaching and learning, international conference

Topic: Improving Teaching and Learning Processes in Higher Education


Within the scope of the Erasmus+ programme and the EHEA project the Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes (CMEPIUS) in cooperation with the Ministry of the Republic of Slovenia for Education, Science and Sport organises an international conference on the quality of teaching and learning with a focus on IMPROVING TEACHING AND LEARNING PROCESSES IN HIGHER EDUCATION.

The quality of university teaching and learning is becoming one of the main topics of higher education consultations and policies at the international and global levels, as well as within the Slovenian higher education area. The development, extension and application of more flexible methods and approaches, based on the findings of teaching and learning research, shall play an increasingly important role in the implementation of the increasingly demanding objectives of higher education – primarily when we consider the fact that the student population is continuously growing and becoming increasingly diverse, while the applicable requirements for university teachers with respect to research and publications, as well as the teaching of numerous courses and large groups, are also increasing. Under these circumstances insisting solely on traditional approaches, such as mass one-way lectures is no longer adequate. University teachers need support in the form of high quality teacher training, which desperately requires funding despite increasingly limited financial resources.

Aims of the conference

The development of university teachers’ competences with the aim to improve their teaching is one of the greatest challenges of and opportunities for increasing the quality of higher education. This type of in-service training of university teaching staff promotes a thorough reflection, research approach and increased commitment to the introduction of better, more efficient methods, forms and approaches to work with students. The consultation also aims to highlight the need for better policies and strategies at the national, as well as institutional, level, which will eliminate barriers and provide systematic progress on the path to high quality higher education.

In accordance with the aim of the consultation we expect to receive papers addressing the following subject areas:

  1. The changing roles of university teachers and students, promotion of student-centred teaching and learning approaches;
  2. Learning outcomes and assessment in higher education;
  3. Institutional policies, strategies and good practices for improving the quality of teaching and learning, and strengthening of support for teachers and students;
  4. Systematic aspects of developing and improving the quality of higher education at the national and international levels;
  5. Theoretical aspects and empirical analysis of university teaching and learning.

Target audience

We kindly invite all higher education stakeholders and/or experts, who help develop the Slovenian and international higher education area and who are ready to share their experience, reflections and innovative approaches to teaching students or engagement in the creation of higher education policies with other participants of the consultation, to register their papers.

Higher education teachers of different areas and fields of research, researchers, non-teaching staff and students are invited to submit their papers and share the cases of good practices, their experiences, findings and results with the participants of the conference.

Submission format


Online registration (participation without paper): fill in the e-application (deadline 4 April 2016, or until all vacancies are filled)

The submission deadline for abstracts was February 10 2016. Application for participation with paper presentation is no longer possible.

You can register your papers in accordance with the instructions, and prepare them in the following format:

  • presentation or lecture (30 minutes: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion),
  • workshop (60 minutes),
  • roundtable (60 minutes),
  • poster.

Consultation materials

In addition to your personal data and the title of the presentation, which you will enter in the e-form for the registration of the paper, you should also submit an abstract (100-150 words), which will be published in the conference proceedings as an enclosure of the programme, and a short summary (400–500 words).

After the presentation at the conference we invite authors to submit their papers in written form (article) for publication in a scientific monograph with at least two reviewers. The selection and decisions on the publication of papers will be made by the editorial/programme committee.

Accepted papers should be developed into full papers and submitted until 18 April 2016 the latest. Further instructions concerning submission of full papers will be sent upon acceptance of the paper.

Language of the conference

The registered papers for active participation, presentations of papers and papers/articles in written form for publication can be submitted in Slovenian or English.


Submission deadline – for the registration of papers (active participation): Wednesday, 10 February 2016.

Deadline for feedback to persons submitting the papers – acceptance of proposals will be announced no later than: Wednesday, 9 March 2016.

Deadline for registration for the conference (participation without paper): Monday 4 April 2016, or until all vacancies are filled.

Date of conference: Wednesday, 6 April 2016.

Deadline for submission of invited papers in written form – full papers should be sent no later than: Friday, 18 April 2016.


Manja Klemenčič PhD, Harvard University

Ddr. Barica Marentič Požarnik, University of Ljubljana

Slavko Cvetek PhD, University of Maribor

Sonja Rutar PhD, University of  Primorska

Viktorija Florjančič PhD, University of Primorska

Katarina Aškerc, CMEPIUS


Mag. Marja Medved, CMEPIUS

Urša Bajželj, CMEPIUS

Lina Bobovnik, CMEPIUS

Katarina Aškerc, CMEPIUS